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Jazz Variations brings you great music powered by the sun.
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Illustrations by DC Langer
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Jazz Variations is produced in a digital studio using electricity totally derived from the sun. We have always been "off the grid" and are proud to be bringing you our radio show totally solar powered.
Our studio sits on 50 acres in Massachusetts,with the nearest electric pole about 1 mile away. We use 20 Photo Voltaic solar panels to draw energy from the sun. Any energy not used is stored in deep cycle lithium ferrous batteries made by Simpliphi. Our Magnum Inverter converts this DC energy to AC for regular electrical usage applications.

We encourage you to find out more about alternative energy by visiting some of the sites listed below:

  • Alt E Store - Alternative Energy Store
  • Be Green Solar, LLC - 603-787-2317
  • NESEA - Northeast Sustainable Energy Association
  • Simpliphi Power - Scalable Energy Storage...for Homeowners to Power Grids