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Illustrations by DC Langer
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Alexa Skill Instructions

Step 1) Download the Alexa App to manage Alexa Skills

Go to the app store on your mobile device and search for Alexa App or select a link below: Click Here for additional help on downloading the Amazon Alexa App.

Step 2) Enable our Skill

(option 1) Enable with your Voice
Say, "Alexa OPEN Jazz Variations SKILL"

(option 2) Enable with the Alexa App manually
  • Go to the menu and select Skills. Or, go to the Alexa Skill store on the Amazon website: https://www.amazon.com/skills.
  • When you find the skill you want (ex: Jazz Variations), select it to open the Alexa Skill details.
  • Select the Enable Skill option.

Step 3) Activate or Stop the Skill

Once the skill is enabled the first time you can re-enable by saying one of the following:
"Alexa, OPEN Jazz Variations"
"Alexa, LAUNCH Jazz Variations"
"Alexa, PLAY Jazz Variations"
To stop, say "Alexa, STOP"



Having trouble getting this Alexa Skill to work? Troubleshoot here.